Gold Medal for USA in Olympics Ugly Uniform Competition

At Permission Slips we like to mix it up between hard-hitting essays and lighter topics. However, we have left a huge hole in our commentary repertoire – fashion. Fortunately the unveiling of the USA Sochi Winter Olympic uniforms designed by Ralph Lauren has provided the opportunity to fill that hole with a very big shovel.

After reviewing all country fashion entries the USA is the clear Ugly Uniform Competition winner for both style and substance.

Definitely a perfect “Ten.”

The opening ceremony uniforms can only be described politely as a fashion disaster. The  best comment I’ve seen is that the uniforms are the baby of an ugly Christmas sweater and a flag. I can only imagine our athletes response upon seeing the uniform, “Seriously?” us olympic sweater

The USA snowboarding uniform isn’t much better. It looks like it was made from the scraps of Grandma’s quilting project. It literally pales in comparison to Canada’s cool maple leaf snowboarding team vs. canada

However, the USA  wasn’t alone in making an Olympic fashion statement. Behold the uniform of Mexican alpine skier, Hubertus Hohenlohe. He will be sporting a mariachi race suit.Mexico bobsledder uniform

In addition, all hell must be breaking loose in Russia design circles. After Putin made it clear that displays of public support for gays during the Olympics was forbidden and punishable, the Russian team gloves were revealed to be rainbows. Not kidding.Former Russian ice-hockey player Bure shows a pair of gloves during a presentation of Russia's uniform for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics in MoscowBlogHer convened a panel to assess the fashion sense of several countries uniforms. The panel’s sentiments about the uniforms are transparently disclosed in the group’s name: The Official BlogHer Olympic Team Uniform WTF Panel. Read their hilarious send-up here:

team usa

It looks like the team has permission to be loud and proud. Regardless of Team USA’s attire I will be rooting for the athletes. These young athletes demonstrate great effort and spirit. I support them for what they do, not what they wear.  For what it’s worth, I do like the team boots.

Carol Lewis Gullstad January 30, 2014

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