Oh Baby!

Love the Royals, hate the Royals, but add me to the Kate Middleton Fan Club.

Burlington Royals

Burlington Royals (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can anyone imagine giving birth for the first time and then making a public appearance in front of thousands of people a mere 24 hours later? How about doing it with a smile on your face while facing hundreds of snapping cameras as you exit the hospital? No one could come close to being prepared for such an extreme encounter. Baby George of Cambridge has a cool “mum.”

My biggest reason, though, for becoming a fan is that she looked like a new mother when she greeted the throngs. She looked elated, a little puffy-faced and she still had a big tummy. That is how a new mother looks when she is not airbrushed.

A friend’s husband remarked that he was surprised Princess Kate still looked pregnant a day after giving birth. Seriously? LOL!

The biology of birth. Even after the baby arrives it takes a while for the rest of the “stuff” — that’s in layman’s terms — to come out. It truly shows that in the era of Photoshop we have lost perspective on what a female body looks like. No doubt Kate will reclaim her slim figure at some point, but how sweet it is that she did not feel a need to use her baby as camouflage.

On a separate note, I couldn’t help but notice how Will and Kate looked like any young couple who has just experienced the life-altering event of bringing a child into the world. They appeared a little bit awestruck, a little bit nervous, but generally giddy. There is nothing better than a healthy newborn baby to make us all gaga.

Some wags snarled at the tremendous interest the new baby received because the Royals are about “nothing.” At least the Brits have a seemingly normal couple with the Cambridges. In the U.S.A. we have the Kardashians. Sadly, that probably makes us the reigning world champs of celebrity nothingness. For the record, I have no plans to join that fan club.

Kate gets an A+ in “new mom 101.” I loved her polka dot dress, her genuine smile and her post-baby bump seen ’round the world. She is a real mom, not a photo-shopped ready for the camera “lost the baby fat in 2 weeks mom.” Kate, you rock.

Carol Lewis Gullstad July 29, 2013


  1. Lovsted Carrie says:

    Great posting! I loved their smiles and look of shock like most of us leaving the hospital. It is great to have good news in the world!

  2. I really enjoyed this post- thank you! I can’t stand (or stomach) reality TV, and I’m so sick and tired of hearing about people like the Kardashians who contribute nothing positive to society, instead they fill young women’s brains with unhealthy, pre-conceived notions about plastic beauty, fake relationships, and fantasy lives . I agree with you that Kate is an excellent role model; she truly radiates both inner and outer beauty- showing her post-baby belly to the world only made me admire her more! I hope she continues to inspire and motivate others by her genuine and candid approach to life.

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