Crushes and Dreams, and Crushing Dreams

This week several old friends celebrated birthdays (thanks, Facebook, for reminding me), and in leaving them messages, I was transported back to those long-ago friendships.

On May 22, as I wrote to Nancy in Chicago, I thought of my first kiss, sitting on her pink-ruffled twin bed when we were 10 years old.

And, no, it wasn’t that kind of kiss.

We were holding the record album Nancy had just received for her birthday, taking turns kissing the larger-than-life, blue-eyed man on the front.

Oh, Bobby Sherman, I remember you well.

I can’t recall how the crush started or which one of us latched onto him first, but I do know the two of us were crazy about Sherman, a pop singer/ actor. We stood in the magazine aisles perusing copies of Tiger Beat magazine, saved up for his latest 45s (including “Easy Come, Easy Go” and “Julie, Do Ya Love Me”) and talked to each other on the phone when his TV show, “Here Come the Brides,” was on.

bobby sherman album coverReaders in my age group will understand the irony of my ending up in Seattle, where, Sherman’s “Here Come the Brides” theme song claimed, were “the bluest skies you’ve ever seen.” (That was certainly false advertising.)

Nancy and I believed that Sherman’s lyrics included personal messages to us, such as “Hey, little woman, please make up your mind…” We imagined what would transpire if we ran into him walking around our local five-and-dime store.

I have no idea how or why pre-teen girls start crushing on young singers and actors, but the phenomenon has existed for decades. Just take a look at the supermarket magazine racks, filled with the latest teeny-bopper rags offering “free posters” and intimate details about young heart-throbs (how else would my daughter, Pea, know that Justin Bieber‘s favorite color is purple?).

Proof positive is Pea, who — along with a young friend spending a few nights with us in the mountains — suggested I write this post about Cody Simpson. When I asked why, the girls replied, “We really love him. We love his song ‘Pretty Brown Eyes.’ We know he wrote it for us and he is singing to us, even though neither of us has brown eyes.

“We love him because he is cute and he is a good singer and he is from Australia,” they continued. “We love everyone from Australia.”

The Cody Simpson craze is not new to our household. Last month, when I spent s few days in the Los Angeles area with Pea and another friend, Smiley, the girls made use of an iPhone app that actually tracks the blond boy-toy’s whereabouts. “He’s seven miles away,” Smiley would announce. “Drive north-west!”

Smiley and Pea were absolutely sure their paths would cross, and discussed exactly what they would say to Simpson. They did, in fact, meet a young Australian actor during our trip, and experienced a “second degree of separation” when he replied that he knew people who knew Simpson.

The girls will get a bona fide opportunity to meet Simpson when he travels to Seattle for a concert next month. They’ve heard that when he performs, he pulls an audience member on-stage and sings directly to her (Smiley knows she’s in the running, with her pretty brown eyes).

I and Smiley’s mom will be on hand, with cameras ready. Hey, even Moms have permission to dream a bit.

Linda Williams Rorem, 27 May 2013


  1. […] looking forward to dinner on Friday night. (Oh, and a very happy 70th birthday to my teen idol, Bobby Sherman, […]

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