Mom Moments 2012

My 12-year-old son announced to me that during his lifetime he has survived at least three End-of-the- World scenarios. He declared matter-of-factly, “First there was Y2K, and then there was the Rapture and finally the Mayan Doomsday. I’m pretty lucky.”  Perhaps his pronouncement was influenced by his latest penchant for zombie books such as World War Z. He seemed buoyed by the current lack of apocalypse predictions for 2013.


His declaration made me think of my year of parenting and how lucky I felt in avoiding any particular parenting calamities this year. However, 2012 seemed to be a year of interesting and sometimes outlandish mom miscues. Some of the year’s more infamous mom-blunders were enough to make one feel like an accomplished diplomat. In honor of the New Year and moms who always try to do their best, here are my favorite five Mom Moments of 2012.


1. Olympic Medalist swimmer Ryan Lochte mom’s remark about his “one night stands.”


In an interview with, Ike Locthe said about son Ryan, “He goes out on one-night stands. He is not able to give fully to a relationship because he’s always on the go.” This comment went viral and begged the question, why was she was talking about his sex life at all? Ike later attempted to clarify that she did not mean hookups but was referring to dates because her son is just too busy for a girlfriend. Nonetheless, the damage was done with a very high “ewe factor.” It makes me thankful that most of my off-the-cuff remarks are uttered privately not in front of a media circus.


2. TIME magazine cover featuring a mom breastfeeding her 3-year-old.


Time magazine used an intentionally provocative photo on the cover of its May 21, 2012 edition. The cover featured attractive model-worthy mom Jamie Lynne Grumet breastfeeding her 3-year-old as they both peered toward the reader with the tagline, “Are you Mom Enough.” Although the subject of the article inside was attachment parenting, the “titillating” photo got all the attention. Time was unapologetic for the suggestive pose as the venerable publication got more readers for this one issue than it had had in years. Sex sells — see Mom Moment No.1.


3. Publication of Sh*tty Mom: The Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us.


This irreverent parenting guide was written by four busy, tired working moms who tell stories about real lives not Tiger Mom or French Mom lives. The authors admit to yelling at their kids, sending them to school sick and bribing for good behavior.  Some favorite chapter titles include, “Organized Sports Might Be Great For the Kids, but They Suck for You.” and “It’s Come to Your Attention That Your Kid is Merely Average.” What can I say; this is a great book for moms who admit that a “happy meal” is not a balanced organic dish but one that occurs at a drive-thru.




4. Tanning Mom.


Patricia Krentcil, a New Jersey mom, was accused of sneaking her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning salon. The mom was a devoted 5x a week tanner herself and sported an oddly tanned, wrinkled complexion for her age. She has since repented her tanorexia and at one point successfully stopped tanning for a month.


5. Celebrity Mom Jennifer Garner appeared in a one piece mom-bathing-suit in US.


Jennifer Garner, movie star and mother of three, was photographed frolicking in the waves with her two older children and husband Ben Affleck. The picture appeared in US Magazine when she was 4 months post-pregnancy. She was wearing a one-piece mom suit and the magazine had the good judgment to deem the style “retro.”  She was not on the cover with a headline screaming “Bikini Bod in 16 weeks!” She was actually playing with her kids and then donned a loose fitting cover after she exited the water. Go Jen. You have a real life and you look happy.


Each of these moms had a “mom moment” in 2012.  You might have had one too. We love these unapologetic moms who give us permission to laugh at ourselves. Happy New Year from Permission Slips.


Carol Lewis Gullstad




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