Permission Slips Revisited

Just over two years ago, Carol and I returned from a publishing conference in New York with renewed enthusiasm about our writing project: a book about girlfriend getaways. Classmates, literary agents and editors all had taken an interest in our idea, and encouraged us to seek ways to spread the word and build an audience.

Within a few weeks of that trip, we inaugurated our blog, “Permission Slips,” which has grown to become a weekly reminder that we all should take better care of ourselves and tune out what others think we should do and be.

As we have continued to find new ways to share our stories, our audience has grown dramatically. We now have an abundance of email recipients, Facebook followers, WordPress subscribers and even Twitter and Instagram friends. However, as middle-aged moms, we do struggle to keep up with the constantly evolving technology at our fingertips. (Our teens just stand back and laugh…)

Over the past two years, we have thoroughly enjoyed looking at the statistics that our WordPress site provides. For instance, we can see a map that shows our readers come from 92 different countries, primarily the U.S., U.K. and Canada, of course, but also distant outposts including Albania, Cyprus and Jordan.

Each week, we can see how our readers navigate to our site, and know that most of you find us through Facebook, email links and our abbreviated posts on Seattle-area Patch sites.

It’s often humorous to note the search terms that lead readers to us. Over the past year, the most popular searches included “stress,” “50 Shades of Grey hard and soft limits,” “frazzled women,” “laundry,” and, of course, “permission slips” for various issues and outings. Those terms certainly speak volumes about our collective state of mind.

Along the same lines, we note that our tags about friendship, relationships and family seem to resonate the strongest. We will keep that in mind as we embark on our third year of blogging, and ask that you will continue to provide us with feedback and new readers through your shares and word of mouth.

In honor of our second anniversary of blogging, we are debuting a new look, which we think is cleaner, more engaging and easier to navigate. Let us know if you agree, or what you would change.

And finally, we decided to commemorate this milestone with a list of our personal favorite (not necessarily most-read) “permissions.” After checking out our list, please let us know which posts–either listed below or from our archives—have spoken loudest to you. Based on your feedback, we will post our “reader favorites” soon.

Following are our Top 10 Favorite Permission Slips (double-click on each link to re-read the post; be patient, as it may take a moment to load):

  1. The Mean Mom Club: Permission to Be a Tough Parent
  2. Sandwich Generation: Permission to Take Breaks to Refuel
  3. Good Friends Keep Us Healthy: Permission to Prioritize Girlfriend Time
  4. Dirty Laundry: Permission to Make Kids do Their Share
  5. Love and Lecture, Then Let Go and Live: Permission to Loosen the Reins
  6. Beginnings and Endings: Permission to Mourn and Move On
  7. The Kids are Alright: Permission to Raise Less-than-Perfect Kids
  8. Senior Road: Permission to Appreciate Milestones
  9. Dog is My Co-pilot: Permission to Love Four-Legged Friends
  10. Sh*t Moms SayPermission to Laugh at OurselvesWe look forward to hearing from you.

–       Linda Williams Rorem, 12 Nov. 2012
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  1. Leslie Keller says:

    I’m not a Mom or married but I love reading your blog. Even though I can’t truly relate I come from a big family and most of the articles bring back great memories from when I was growing up. I’m 60 now so although much has changed much stays the same and the humor and personal needs we all experience in our daily lives can transcend generations. Keep up the great work.

    • Thank you, Leslie! We appreciate your readership and support. And although we gear our posts for people like us — middle-aged frazzled moms — we are glad when we can strike a chord with younger, older, childless, dog-crazy and even male readers. Please let us know if you have any good “permissions” for us to explore.


  1. […] Permission Slips Revisited ( […]

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