Sh*t Moms Say

Sometimes when I have conflict with my kids, I have been known to utter classic phrases such as, “I don’t care what they do at your friend’s house, this is the way we do it here.”  If I really get going I might launch next with, “Wait until you have kids of your own someday…”

Recently, these pronouncements were delivered at home with higher frequency as Seattle was literally “snowed in” for nearly a week. After the initial fun and coziness of making snowmen and drinking multiple mugs of hot chocolate wore thin, cabin fever began to set in. While this unexpected week of togetherness created both fun and friction, it also provided plenty of time to explore the latest hits on YouTube. My kids introduced me to a series of videos called “Shit (fill in blank) Say.” It all started — way back in December 2011 — with Shit Girls Say, featuring Juliette Lewis and written by Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard.

Shit Girls Say is a parody that pokes fun at stereotypically female ways of talking. This minute-long video has now been viewed over 12 million times. Further, it has spawned hundreds of variations by gender and ethnicity. Some are funny; others might be viewed as insulting, depending on your point of view. However, my teenage sons could hardly contain their peals of laughter as we watched together, Shit Moms Say

I have to admit, the stereotyping of the mom in the video was mostly true. My kids loved the vignette of the mom’s tirade being interrupted by a phone call. She manages, in the middle of a huff, to switch her tone on a dime and sweetly answer the call.

I loved the lines, “Am I the only one here who does laundry?” and “You have got to be kidding.” The exasperation and resignation after the actress opens the door to her teenager’s room is spot on.

I asked my kids what some of my repeat offending statements might be.  According to the experts in this house, I say “Sign off.” Apparently, I say it frequently and apply it universally, whether referring to Facebook or even a non-electronic activity that I want to end. I had no awareness of my liberal use of the phrase but, you know what, I like it.

One thing is for sure, it was good to be able to laugh at myself with my kids and then tell them we were done, “Because I said so.”

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Carol Lewis Gullstad January 23, 2012


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