Desperately Seeking Edward and Jacob

With my three sons otherwise occupied during last week’s school break, my husband and I were left with only one child, our 11-year-old daughter. In a few years, she will be our only offspring at home, but because we’re not quite ready for that, we invited her friend, “Smiley,” along on our trip to Whistler, British Columbia.

The trip’s tenor was set when “Smiley’s” mom announced that the latest Twilight installment was filming in Squamish, just 40 minutes shy of the ski resort. The town of roughly 15,000 was once known for its forestry operations, but from here on, it shall be revered as “The Place Where Edward and Jacob Spent a Few Weeks.”

If you don’t believe me, just search the internet for mentions of the groups of girlfriends (of all ages) who’ve traveled to Squamish to see the stars. And that’s where my story begins.

Our girls were happy enough about world-class skiing, but they were more interested in getting hair-feather-extensions and stalking the Breaking Dawn cast – both of which we accomplished after our second day on the slopes.

That afternoon, we quit skiing a little early, so the girls could shower and dress appropriately for their potential brush with fame. Need I mention that my husband chose to stay in the condo to “work”? (All the better, in case I spotted a shirtless Taylor Lautner!) Our 80-pound Golden-Doodle did come along, as the girls figured that if Edward or Jacob happened to pass by, they would certainly stop to admire the adorable pooch.

We arrived just in time for the girls’ 4:30 pm hair appointment, but as my daughter sprinted across the street to the salon, her MP3 player flew from her pocket, landed in the road and cracked. “I feel like that’s really bad luck for seeing the stars,” she lamented.

While their stylish feathers were being installed, the girls grilled the coiffeuse, who revealed that one of the actor’s wives had come in for a new ‘do. But more important, she confided that the crew was staying in the hotel down the street, and often dined at a nearby sushi restaurant. “Every day, as soon as school lets out, I see groups of girls walking towards the hotel, hoping to meet the cast,” she said.

Consulting their list of “Landmarks the Stars Have Visited,” the girls urged me to drive by the hotel (no activity) and the smoothie shop, where a gaggle of teenage girls were camped, hoping that Boo Boo (whoever that is) would make a return visit. We cruised the aisles of London Drug, where the stars were known to stock up on essentials, and then sat outside Starbucks, checking every passing car. Our dog did lure some strangers, but sadly, no celebrities.

When one savvy local suggested we “check out Sushi Sen after 9 pm,” Smiley’s face lit up. However, Mrs. Kill Joy here announced that she had no intention of waiting around for another three and a half hours.

We agreed on a 7 pm sushi dinner, just in case the Twilight cast stopped by earlier. The place was packed with a host of women on “sight-seeing tours,” thanks to the zillions of fan-site posts about the vampires’ and werewolves’ local tastes. As we were finishing up, a waitress began combining small tables near us. “Expecting a big party?” we asked. “Celebrities, perhaps?” No such luck; a group of 15 30-something ladies soon sat down, obviously hungry for celebrity sightings.

At about 8 pm, we stopped by the hotel, where a large bodyguard barred the girls from entering, and started the drive back north. The girls were sad that their girlfriend getaway had lacked star power, but soon hatched a plan to revisit the hotel on Saturday’s drive back to Seattle. As Jacob said in New Moon, “Hunting vampires is fun.”

-Linda Williams Rorem, 11 April 2011


  1. […] household. Last month, when I spent s few days in the Los Angeles area with Pea and another friend, Smiley, the girls made use of an iPhone app that actually tracks the blond boy-toy’s whereabouts. […]

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